About Gazing Balls


Gazing balls are not new. They have evolved over time, from the original blown glass to mosaic, coloured, ceramic and stone and are re-appearing in the modern world of decoration and design in the popular medium of mirrored stainless steel.

The history of the ball dates back to the 13th century. The first globes were made of blown glass by Venetian artisans. During the 1800’s a young, handsome (and slightly mad) King Ludwig II of Bavaria decorated his castle with gazing balls. They surrounded the entrances, hung in trees, floated in ponds and displayed on lavish pedestals. In the Victorian Era gazing balls became very popular throughout Europe and the United States.

Legends formed about the mystical powers of the ball. Gazing Balls are known by many names depending on their use, some include Butler Ball, Witch Ball, Pond ball, Good Luck Balls, Friendship Balls and Mirror Ball.

Good Luck Balls (Globes of Happiness)
A globe is said to bring happiness, health, good luck and prosperity to those who own it and have been traditionally given as wedding and house warming gifts.

Witches Balls
The “witches ball” was also known to ward off evil spirits, misfortune, illness and, of all things, witches although legends vary from story to story. One legend is that when placed at the entrance to your home the witches can’t tear themselves away from their own image thus not entering your home. Other accounts say that a witch cannot bear to see her own reflection and will not come near.

Butler Balls
In Victorian times, placed strategically, the ball could be used by a servant to see when guests needed assistance.

Friendship Ball
They are given to represent friendship, as they have no beginning or end and continue for eternity. The reflective sparkle represents the smile one friend shares with another.

Pond Ball
The myth behind the pond ball is that animals see their reflection and retreat instead of preying on pond dwelling habitants.

Most of the legend has been lost and today gazing balls are used to reflect your garden, flowers, sky and home structures.
A nice feature of the stainless steel ball is that they can be moved to different areas to compliment changing aspects of the garden in different seasons.