Care of Stainless Steel Handles


Stainless steel is a metal alloy popular for many house hold appliances and equipment. Stainless steel is a great surface that doesn’t corrode or rust easily and is easy to clean. While extremely durable it actually isn’t stain-proof, it simply stains less than other steel. It can also be dented and scratched fairly easily.

JALEX Hardware door handles are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel or aluminium.  Both materials are suitable for outdoor use.   In areas with direct exposure to sea air JALEX recommends the use of 316 stainless steel or alumium handles.


Stainless Steel Handles should be periodically cleaned with a ‘grit free’soft cloth and soapy water and wiped dry. Chemical residues, dirty water and even water with mineral deposits (hard water) can cause staining and water spots to form on stainless steel.   JALEX recommends that you periodically protect your handles with Inox-Care (www.revolutionmaterials.com.au) to maintain their appearance and serviceability and to prevent ''teastaining"' common with .

When cleaning your handles never:
• clean the handles with steel wool which can leave behind fine metal particles which can rust on the surface.
• clean the handles with bleach, most acid and chlorine based products. These are found in many bathroom cleaners used for handbasins and toilets.
• use petroleum based products on the handles, as these may leave an oily residue on the surface.

Glass cleaners may be used to remove smudges and fingerprints, check that they do not contain any bleach, acid or chlorine based products prior to use.

Foreign deposits can find their way on to stainless steel surfaces causing isolated staining and sometimes rusting. To remove these types of stains a commercially available stainless steel cleaner should be used.   JALEX recommends the use of Inox Clean (www.revolutionmaterials.com.au) which can remove teastains, rust and lime veil from aluminium and stainless steel.

Before using a stainless steel cleaner read the directions thoroughly. Check the ingredients making sure that the cleaner does not contain chlorine, bleach . Chlorine is a natural enemy to stainless steel and can damage the surface easily. Cleaners with abrasive ingredients can scratch and damage the finish of your stainless steel. it’s a good idea to try the product in a hidden spot first so that you can see the results. This will also give you a better idea of how much of the stainless steel cleaner you’ll need to use.

Stainless Steel handles can be periodically polished with industry approved products. Check with your supplier to ensure they are suitable for your handles.