• 460mm long tapered round pair

  • Product Code: DG-180-460

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Back to back handles doors between 10 and 50mm thick.

The handles are made from high quality 304 Stainless Steel .  They are 460mm long 25mm diameter tapered profile on round stainless steel bases.

These handles are avaliable in both mirror and a  satin finish. The Satin finish is achieved by "roughening" the surface of the stainless steel. While this surface finish has a unique appearance it can trap dust and other contaminates. Over time these can stain the stainless steel surface (teatree staining). The build up of contaminates on the stainless steel can be prevented by the application of surface sealers. Contaminates (and stains) can be 'rejuvenated' by using stainless steel cleaners. For more information on finishes please follow this link www.jalex.com.au/shop/index.php

There are different grades of satin finish, which relate to how deeply the surface is roughened. Jalex uses a relatively minor satin finish to reduce the extent of contaminate build up, however customers should be aware that even this surface finish will require periodic maintenance with a suitable cleaner.

Jalex recommends mirror finish for external applications but satin finishes can be used providing the customer accepts there will be a requirement to periodically maintain the surface finish .