Use of Balls to deter birds

Our balls have been used by customers to deter two types of birds.  Ducks from Pools and Raptor birds from Averies.  


For Ducks our customers have had mixed results some customers have had great sucess with them and others report no significant deterant value.  We are not sure why this is but suspect it may have something to do with the species of ducks.  One of our good news stories is as folllows:

As promised, some words about the ‘duck balls’...........

We have had a real problem with ducks in and around our pool for over 10 years. They love to swim in the pool, lay eggs in the pool and leave ever growing piles of faeces ‘presents’ in the pool and all over the pavers.We have tried a lot of ways to deter them, including:

·Floating black buckets

·Floating inflatable animals

·A hawk shape suspended above the pool

·Fishing line woven across the fence posts (very effective but makes it hard to swim!!)

·Throwing lots of balls of all shapes and sizes in frustration!

Nothing has worked for more than 1-2 weeks. They soon seem to get used to the new item and at times started leaving their ‘presents’ on the bucket, animal etc.

In recent times they have also taken to leaving an increasing number of their ‘presents’ at our sliding glass doors to the house and granny flat. This has required hosing every morning only to have them replaced every night. This new complication led to more detailed research and I came across the idea that reflective stainless steel balls were being used overseas for the problem.

I contacted Craig at Jalex and after he stopped laughing we discussed the potential and options. We have tried a combination of sizes and have 1 floating in the pool, 2 positioned on the pavers and 1 positioned at the sliding doors.....and it has worked!!

We have had the balls in place for 4 weeks and no duck ‘presents’!! They have sat on the fence on various mornings but don’t seem to want to go any further. To avoid them getting too comfortable, every few days I move the positions (takes 30 seconds) and that seems to keep them guessing.

I can’t believe the improvement and think it is definitely worth a try if have the same problem.

David Cashmere


Our customers have all reported high sucess rates with this.  The most interesting testimonial can be found on this video which can be found on this link